Octa Core vs Quad Core Smart Phone Devices

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Over the past years smartphones competing against each other is what has been the talk of the Internet in terms of specs and features. Every smartphone device has capabilities that are super awesome and living up to their expectations when it comes to most specifications, the processors, and app games. Companies were racing to beat each other out and improve dual core and quad core devices. But which is better and what kind of device will you see better usage with?

However, people who want more are looking into speed and the differences of quad core and octa core powered smart devices. Since the battle of the smart phones will never end, users know nothing and can be confused at times. Which is better in octa core or a quad core? How can an unknowledgeable customer decide where to spend their money? They have to consider what they are going to use it for. If they plan to do many things with it all at once switching from app to app simultaneously then maybe an octa core may suite them better or if they just plan to use it for simple features like email, browsing the web, phone calls, and text messages a quad core is all they need.

The answers can be tough to find considering all the unbiased and biased reviews, you may not always know what’s better. By simply understanding plain math, users may feel octa core processors are better than or twice as good as a quad core processors. Just like price is a myth we will discuss a simple understanding of a quad core versus an octa core smart device.

A quad core chipset carries four cores, which allows HD movie streaming to be activated accordingly. When heavy lifting is an action your second set of quad cores comes into play with them and an octa core. The octa core sounds better but may not be faster but more efficient. Customers may not know, but faster more efficient processors with stronger chipsets will prolong battery life along with better power consumption.

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So at the end of the day octa cores’s and quad core’s is not a question up for discussion. The comparison should be based upon what it may be used for, but better optimize processes and chipsets for customize handsets is what users may be looking for.

Android TV Boxes Rule Compared to Others

For the past couple of years android TV boxes have definitely been the new age gadget that people favor for their home entertainment. Owning any android TV box sure beats using cable or satellite, because paying an arm and a leg is too much for people right now. There are underpowered devices that you may have heard of such as Roku, Amazon fire sticks, apple TV and or others.

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With android TV boxes leading the pack with its high-powered hardware and sophisticated software, practically no boxes can compare to these amazing pieces of equipment. With this device, you can stream pretty much anything that is on television or even in the movies. If you are a sports fan even you can even watch live sports events and if you prefer your live news this is available also. If you are used to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon instant you have the option of using these types of services as well, but don’t necessarily have to.

But what really separates this box from the other boxes is that you can enjoy your android TV box Bluetooth capability fast with its high quality Wi-Fi card connections and superior development. Some boxes pick up over 5 GHz of Internet speed which is typically over 30 megabytes per second. Android TV boxes can also be used for airplay and video gaming plus various types of awesome accessible apps.

If you are lucky enough to come across an android TV box with the almighty KODI entertainment platform you are now in business. KODI (formerly known as XBMC) is an award-winning platform that you can install on many devices. Streaming entertainment heads that know to use XBMC for android TV boxes will choose Android every time. The awesome thing about the incredible KODI platform is that it can play media files that are stored on your device or an attached flash drive, hard drive as well as extreme high quality high definition content straight from the Internet in 1080 and 720.

If you are considering buying an android TV box and are ready to ditch your satellite or cable bill, be sure to consider Android TV boxes and put them on the top of your smart devices list. They offer affordable prices and a robust platform that anyone else out in the streaming box world will absolutely love.

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Google Fiber

Benefits to Streaming Online Nowadays

Once you find out how easy it is to stream videos online, that’s the only thing you’ll be using to get all the most popular shows and movies. The Internet fans worldwide loves streaming because you get the online content free of charge. There are tons of web admins who chose to distribute video content on personal websites and the outcome has been an awesome experience. Streaming video technology has taken over.

Other Benefits to Streaming Online

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No longer do you need to watch TV with ads. Streaming online gets the job done without ads. The days are over and long gone thanks to streaming compression technology. Video streaming adds many benefits because it adds more money to people’s pocketbooks and because you know when you get home to watch what you want to watch, it’s there when you need it plus a happier lifestyle. This also has shifted the ways of educational school systems and how they teach their students. Accessing rich media material saves paper, time, and useless outdated practices from circulating this new age of students and era. Even better, students can access media files anytime anywhere with a login username and password. This is spectacular for universities and long distance education.


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Video streaming does not only provide Video on Demand but can also comprise of live streaming broadcasting events, concerts, political speeches, bears or animals running around etc. Due to streaming online, it has taken away from a 65 billion-dollar TV advertising business. Since viewers online have been accustomed to viewing online material worldwide, even if you’re not tech savvy, video streaming can work for many; some platforms have ads while others do not, and some platforms are free while others cost a premium.

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What do you want to stream videos for? For entertainment or to teach students. Video streaming can benefit your audiences or family and friends. Just remember, there are plenty of companies out there that stream nowadays, and it is good to know that they are reliable and stable. So these companies spend tons of money on their servers and streaming technology, this way downtime never exists and people are always happy.